If you have struggled with fat storage with packing on the pounds in those nagging problem areas, like your lower body,
love handles or belly...


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Ian HartFrom Ian Hart,

Owner of EarthFIT
Serving Beaufort, South Carolina

Dear Friend:

First I want to thank you for your consideration in joining our personal training facility. As a fitness enthusiast with a mission to help 2012 people in 2012 reach their fitness goals, it means a lot just to have the opportunity to earn your business by getting you the results you have always wanted.

So, If you are are sick and tired of:

  • Wasting money on gym memberships
  • Boring workouts
  • Continuously gaining weight
  • Nagging back and hip pain
  • Feeling tired and out of shape
  • Weight loss programs that don't work or only produce temporary results
  • Being unhappy with your overall condition

Then I have some great news for you!

Hundreds of Beaufort residents have finally found the results they were always looking for at the EarthFIT Personal Training Facilities.

"I lost 69lbs of fat in 7 Months"

In about 6 months, I lost 71 lbs. I'm down 5 suit sizes, and I’m 10 inches smaller around my waist.

David Levitt

"The results are incredible!! Mentally and physically I've never felt better!"



"I have lost about 13 Lbs. in a little under 3 months... and I've decreased my body fat percentage!"

Before EarthFIT, I was pretty much out of shape and I didn't really watch - I thought I was eating healthy, but I really was not watching it closely enough and even though I exercise pretty frequently I wasn’t doing it in efficient ways, so I was pretty tired most of the time and I got winded doing simple things like climbing stairs.

I was a little bit intimidated about joining a gym with personal training. So I thought it might be really scary and like hardcore but it has really surprised me, in that it’s a pretty friendly atmosphere, and even though they push you they kind of analyze how far each individual can go, so it's not really terrifying or anything.

I have lost about 13 Lbs. in a little under 3 mos. since I've been here, and I've decreased my body fat percentage, which is really good because that was my main goal. And now I feel much stronger, I can run on a treadmill for much longer and I feel less tired. I got off medications so definitely seen some really great specific results.

I would definitely recommend EarthFIT to everyone who wants to get in shape. Even if you're already in good shape I think it is really something that can benefit almost everybody...


I have studied hard and worked my butt off over the years to create the most efficient, fat melting, metabolism boosting programs. In fact, after years of producing insane results for hundreds of people, my hard work eventually paid off when my programs and I were featured in numerous publications and networks such as Men's Health Magazine, NY1 News, Fox News, and SELF Magazine, just to name a few. I am also a writer for local publications here in Beaufort, SC such as The Lowcountry Weekly and FIT & Family Magazine. My personal training programs that have been featured in these publications are some of the same programs that we use at our training facility, except we are constantly improving upon them and building more value. The personal training programs have created rapid fat loss in trouble spots like the belly, hips, thighs and arms, as well as relieved years of continuous and chronic hip and back pain.

But enough about me, we are here to talk about you and your goals, that's why we created our highly specialized assessment so we can map out your goals and monitor your progress.

Plus, All of the EarthFIT Personal Training Sessions are coached by qualified and certified coaches.

Expected Fitness Benefits At EarthFIT Personal Training:
  1. Rapid Fat Loss - Become a fat melting machine by increasing your metabolism naturally in the fastest possible way.
  2. Increased Stamina and Endurance - So that you have the energy to meet not only your hectic schedule, but to have tons left over for fun and family.
  3. Muscle Toning - So that you look leaner and sexier than ever before.
  4. Improved Balance and Coordination - So the fear of falling is never an issue and you prevent injury as well as move in the most efficient manner for energy conservation and move gracefully.
  5. Flexibility and mobility - So that you don't feel stiff and achy from tight muscles as well as eliminate back and other joint pains.
  6. Confidence and Self-esteem - Once you start looking and feeling better, others will start noticing.
  7. Fun - So that it is easy to stick with and you're not bored like with your typical gym workouts.
Important Components For Successful Fitness Results EarthFIT Personal Training Working Out on Your Own Pills and Powders Weight Loss Clinics
Safe Depends Depends Depends
External Motivation
Accountability Depends
Faster Metabolism Usually Not
Toned Muscles Depends
Fun Not for most people
Develop Habits to Keep You in Shape Forever Possibly

The Calorie Comparison

"EarthFITs Personal Training program is not only the best way to melt fat and increase your metabolism but it is also the best way to increase your confidence and feel good about yourself. Are you convinced yet?" EarthFIT Personal Training workouts burn more calories than any other form of cardio work out. The Assessment is used so we can map out your goals and monitor your progress with the most up to date scientific methods and technology.

The fitness assessment take about 45mins - 1 hour and tells us everything from your:

  • Medical History
  • Fitness History
  • Nutrition History
  • Specific goals, short- and long-term
  • Resting measurements
  • Movement patterns, through a functional movement screen to ensure that you are moving properly and not promoting injury
  • Your strength and endurance by testing it

After this, we will have a full picture of where you currently are, where you are looking to go and we will take you by the hand in an easy-to-follow step-by-step process to success.

We basically create a road map. If you wanted to drive from Beaufort to Ohio, you wouldn't just hop in your car and wing it, would you? You would want to find the fastest and safest route possible by using GPS or a map.

Just think of EarthFIT as your fitness GPS, supplying you with the all the technology, nutrition and fitness expertise to get you to where you want to be in a safe but rapid manner, faster than it takes to watch your favorite TV show.

Just think of how it would feel to lose as much as 21lbs and 3-4 dress or pant sizes in the next 6 weeks.

If you qualify for our 21-Day Belly Fat Blast, you can speak to our clients who have achieved that and more. Or just go ahead and watch all the video testimonials on the "Success Stories" tab at the top of the page.

In fact, because of our track record of results I am able to offer an amazing guarantee. When you join our program, I GUARANTEE you will reach your fitness and weight loss goals or I will give you every last penny of your money back... no questions asked. If we can't get you to your goal then we don't want your money... it's that simple.

You might be asking yourself, what is so different about EarthFIT training versus everything else out there?

I am glad you asked.

In my years in this field, I have had the pleasure of running personal training departments for some of the nation's top personal training gyms in NYC, where I was responsible for hiring, educating, managing leading and sometimes firing (not my favorite) over 80 or so personal trainers. These clubs would have over 3000 members and the only people who would get long-term, consistent results were those that followed a certain formula. I also found out that only 11% of the population would get gym memberships and of that 11% only 2 percent would get results and reach their goals.

I studied that 2% and figured out that formula to a "T". The first part of the formula was working with a personal trainer.

It makes sense right? If you want to take someone to court, what do you do? Hire a good lawyer. If you want to have a face lift, you hire the best plastic surgeon. If you want to get the most money back on your taxes you find the best accountant.

It is that simple. But not all trainers are equal. The reason that the fitness industry has a bad wrap is because people are brainwashed by marketing into thinking they can do it themselves and in the end, just become discouraged, frustrated and down right depressed when a new program or regimen fails them. It is not your fault! You are lied to on a consistent basis to make you believe that the formula is simple. If it were, I would be out of a job right now :)

Plus the personal training industry is unregulated, which means that any person can call themselves a "personal trainer" but know nothing about the science of personal training. Just like a good surgeon knows what muscle and nerve to cut, a highly educated and trained personal trainer can get you to your goal in a faster and safer manner without the need for starvation diets and long, boring work outs. Would you even think about having plastic surgery with a person who had no experience with performing and got his diploma over the weekend from a low-ranking institution? If you answered no, then I am thinking you would want your body in the hands of an expert when it comes to fitness because as fitness icon Bill Phillips said, "nothing is more expensive than bad advice you get for free."

EarthFIT Personal Training Program Other Personal Training Programs
The EarthFIT Program is specifically designed to help people reach optimal mental and physical health so that you are happy when you look in the mirror; you feel like a million bucks even if you never touched a before dumbbell in your life. Since most trainers have good genetics and have been in shape their entire lives their programs are designed for other people with good genetics who have been in shape for THEIR entire lives. This kind of program DOES NOT work for the average person.
Fast weight loss AND you keep it off. In fact, when you follow our simple program you're gonna lose fat at such a rapid rate your friends are gonna be DYING to know your secret. Slow-to-moderate weight loss and the fat typically comes right back within a few months because the trainer doesn't help the client develop new habits.
We offer a 21-Day Belly Fat Blast so you can test the program and see if it works for you. Hardcore sales pitch usually disguised as a "Free Consultation".
We make sure you use correct form to improve your posture, minimize injury and maximize results. Not a whole lot of focus on form... more of an anything-goes approach.
Fun and variety: No two workouts will be the exact same. Same workout, week in and week out using outdated techniques for fat loss and fitness.
The most up-to-date, latest researched and cutting-edge exercise techniques proven by science to get results. You'll perform the same 9 to 11 basic exercises the trainer learned in a 2-day certification class that could be wasting your time and money.
College Graduates with a minimum of a B.A. or B.S. and certified by the best certifications in the business: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) or American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified in a two-day class put on by a corporate gym or obtained a simple certification with a lack of practical application and a college degree.
This is our profession and career because we love helping people get into incredible shape... it's our purpose in life and we strive to be the best... just check out the results our clients get (can be seen by scrolling a little further down the page) The trainer most likely saw a "For Hire" sign, applied for the job and got hired because he or she was in shape and loved working out. So they thought personal training was a perfect career. They might even do it "part-time".
Push you and motivate you to get the maximum muscle-toning fat-melting effect from EVERY SINGLE workout until your goal is reached. We actually call ourselves coaches rather than personal trainers because coaching is what we do, but people identify with the personal training title more. Coaches are notch above personal trainers. They'll count your repetitions (meaning they'll tell you how many times you lifted the weight) and stand around being your "buddy", talking rather than coach you.

How does getting twice the results in half the time sound to you? Most people think they need to spend an hour a day for weeks to get their desired result. At EarthFIT people reach theirs goals in less than 2 hours of working out a week.

That leaves you with a bunch of extra time and increased energy to spend:

  • With your kids
  • On your favorite hobby
  • Doing community work
  • With your friends and family

So, in an effort to prove to you that we are the best in town and can get you to where you want to be, I am offering you a chance to qualify for our 21 Day Belly Fat Blast Program which include:

  • Fitness Assessment/Test
  • 9 Group Training sessions
  • Gym Membership
  • Our eBook EarthFIT Fuel
  • 3-Week Meal Plan
  • Online Metabolic Tracking (So that you can track how many calories you burn and how much you should eat to get to your goal)


We Guarantee Results

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And if after the 21 days you are not seeing results or no longer want to continue, then no harm, no foul; we appreciate you giving us a shot at changing your body and your life. If you are ready for rapid fat loss results in 2012 then go ahead and fill out the application by clicking on the cutting edge fitness assessment banner above or call us at 800-718-7348 (7FIT) right NOW!


Signed by Ian Hart

Ian Hart
Owner of EarthFIT
Beaufort, SC

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