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Top 5 Ways To Kill The Coronavirus Naturally

“Hey, who wants to know the top five remedies that I have prepared for the Coronavirus if I do get it and these are things that I actually have all the time and maybe you should too in your house to just help your immune system. And, if you end up with a sickness or feeling ill, these things can actually maximize your health and get you over any sickness faster so that you can get back to doing what you want to do. But before I get into those things, I just want to mention that the fear of the Coronavirus is probably more scary for me than the actual coronavirus. Like the actions or the hysteria that is coming with it and the fear that’s being pumped through is bad for the immune system. It puts the immune system down and the more hysterical everybody gets, the worse off we are as a collective. 

Top 5 Ways To Kill The Coronavirus Naturally

So what I would say with that is be prepared for the worst possible case scenario, but plan for the best and don’t let the… what we have control over is our own emotions and our own health. So if we focus on being healthy, just basic health of staying active, exercising, eating correctly, then our immune system is going to be functioning optimally and then we can start to use some of these tools that I’m going to go over with you in a second. So that’s what I would say, be prepared for the worst plan for the best. The things you can control are you and the area around you for the most part, a coronavirus, we don’t really have control over that to a certain degree. And I guess that’s some of the measures that are being taken. And so hopefully the plan for the best is that it doesn’t affect everybody and that we don’t get too affected by it. 

And so we can use some tools to help with that as well. And so these things are things that I always have. I just chose the top five. There might’ve been a couple of others in there that I was going to go over, but I just want to choose five real quick. So the first one is (1) Miracle Mineral Solution. If you go ahead and research online, you’ll probably think like, all you’ll find is crazy stuff about it, that it’s bleach and, it’s poison and you’re gonna die but the truth is this is used just to clean water. So it’s, this is what it’s for, but it’s actually been used to help people heal. And there’s a story about it from a guy named Jim Humble who was in the Amazon. Two people came down with malaria. 

They were on the verge of death. It was a very, very bad situation. And last resort, he said, let me pour some of this in the water. You guys drink it. Long story short, two hours later, they were laughing about the fact that they were about to die from malaria. Since then, he’s taken this stuff to Africa, Southeast Asia, where there thousands of people with malaria and healed them just with this super cheap. What I’ve heard is that malaria drugs have worked well on the Coronavirus. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but this helps kill malaria, this helps with parasites, viruses, bacteria. This has been used to help cure kids with autism. And this was in a book called Healing the Symptoms of Autism. I’ve used it myself and healing, the symptom of autism was actually one of the books that was trying to get banned on Amazon and it was healing and helping a lot of people. 

And so miracle mineral solution, I’ve used this myself. I’ve tested out on myself. I know a lot of other people that have used it. Apparently it helps detox glyphosate as well. This is what I’ve read, what I’ve heard. Again, when you go online and you research this stuff, it’s going to say “it’s bleach, never try it.” And so you have to go through the misinformation. I always try things out on my own. I always experiment on my own and then I read from other people’s feedback. And that’s how I take in my information. So miracle mineral solution, this can be used just to clean your water. So I would always have this anyways. You hear me talk about breathing and oxygen and the Wim Hof Method. If you’ve been following some of the stuff that I do, this is an oxidizer. It gets more oxygen into the cells. So that’s how it works. The more oxygen, the better off you are. The more oxygen the cells, the more they can flush out the toxins, kill off the viruses, bacteria, etcetera. So that is number one. 

Number two, (2) Vitamin C, if I had it my way, I would have IV vitamin C but this is the next best thing. It’s liposomal vitamin C. I’ve done videos on this before. We are the only mammals. There’s only two bats and Guinea pigs that don’t produce their own vitamin C. So other mammals, when they get sick, their vitamin C production skyrockets, right? So we have to get it through our nutrition and we’re not getting enough of it through nutrition. Most people think that, there’s some people that think people are walking around with subclinical scurvy at all times because they’re not getting enough vitamin C. So vitamin C is a potent, powerful antiviral. You know, so just taking this on the days that you’re not sick is great, but when you are sick, you increase the dosage and you can take about a gram every hour and this will just help boost your immunity, fight off infections, help with everything. So vitamin C specifically liposomal this is a great brand. There’s a few others out there, but this is the one, one of the ones that I’ve used. So always have that whenever you get a cold or anything, this will just kick it off or kill it faster. Number two, as you saw me do a video on oregano oil, I use all types of essential oils. All essential oils are antibacterial, just so you know that. This one specifically (3) Joy of the Mountains (Oil of Oregano) I travel with this everywhere. That’s why it’s all banged up. So it’s in my toiletry case, I take this everywhere I go because this can be used for so many different things. If you haven’t seen my video on the expansion of it, you can find it somewhere on this page or wherever I had it. So, this Joy of the Mountains didn’t go in this vape, this is already diluted with olive oil in the vape is pure organic oregano oil and vegetable glycerin. And this is great for respiratory issues. So if you start to get, have a respiratory issue, this can be used, and you just inhale like a regular vape. But now it’s got the powerful properties of the oregano oil. This I will use as drops and put it on my feet. This for kids, you’ve gotta be careful. You can take this internally for adults, but with kids, young kids especially, definitely consult somebody on that because this is so powerful that you don’t want to overuse it. 

And young children, like very, very little amounts and it’s, there’s a lot of discretion that goes with it. So Oregano Oil has numerous anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal properties, and helps boost the immune system. (4) Silver (Salus Structured Silver) This is stuff that’s found in our food, it’s found in mushrooms, it’s found in water. This is a known antibacterial, antimicrobial, immune boosting substance or liquid. And, um, I’ve found this one specifically to help with the gut. This can help balance out candida in the gut. Again, it has so many different properties. It can be used topically, internally and it’s just a great tool to have with you to help boost your immune system, fight off infection, so structured silver. And then lastly, I’ve done a video on this as well. The video I did was 10 minutes long, so I can expand dramatically on this Castor Oil

If one of the lowest hanging fruits that you can use for your health to boost your immunity is (5) Castor Oil and using Castor packs, right? They used to use this to anoint the Lords to the throne or to anoint people to the throne. And that’s the power of it. That’s, you know, whenever they use something like this, they know the power of this specifically to help people in general. So you take, you pour it on something like cotton flannel and you can place it on your belly wrap saran wrap and leave it on overnight. Typically I recommend, I recommend everybody do that one time a year for seven days straight. You can do it multiple times for a year. Some people can leave it on for 30 days depending on their issue. But what this will do, you also can take internally, that’s a scenario where you want to work with probably a professional on how to do it. 

But it’s gotta be organic, all natural hexane free, cold pressed. So it’s important the products that you’re getting. And so I was just about to say something. So yeah, it’s anti parasitic. It’s antibacterial. Antimicrobial helps balance out the gut, it increases glutathione, which is that, the master antioxidant that is in every single cell. So this flushes out the mucus from the body and remembers a lot of disease is a buildup of mucus. And that mucus prevents the cells from getting oxygen. It presents the cells from functioning optimally. So when we start to cleanse the body more and more, we cleanse it, the better the body is going to be. This is one of the best ways to do it. So if you want to check that video out, I have that somewhere on this page as well. So there you go. 

You have it. Miracle Mineral Solution, Vitamin C, Oregano Oil, Structured Silver, Castor Oil. Those are my top five picks for just boosting immunity, fighting off disease, infection, and increasing your health naturally, right? There is a place and time for medicine but those things are a last resort for me. Like I use them as a last resort always. I’ve always tried to use the lowest hanging fruit naturally. We have the gifts from God or from the universe or from the earth, whatever you want to call it, from nature, that are very powerful for us, and designed to help us heal. Right? So in nature you will find the poison and within a hundred yards you’ll find the antidote. So that shows us that we always have a balance. There’s always a balance, and the balance would start with you just being healthy. Hopefully that’s eating correctly, exercising, et cetera.

So I hope this video helps. I hope you got a lot out of it. These things are not just specific to the coronavirus, it’s overall just helping the body heal and being prepared. So prepare for the worst, plan for the best. Get rid of the mind virus of the fear. That would be the first step so that your immune system is functioning optimally. And if you do acquire some type of virus that your body fights off easily, lickety split, and you go back to your normal life doing the things you love, hope that helps.”

Ian Hart is a Body-Mind Transformation expert, the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, co-creator of BACK PAIN RELIEF4LIFE, author of HEALING HACKS, and founder of BEAUFORTPERSONALTRAINING.COM and MYBACKPAINCOACH.COM. Ian and his team help people get into optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible, using cutting edge science.

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