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Beaufort Fitness: How To Get Rid Of Muffin Top Naturally

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to muffin top Monday. That is right! And today’s video I’m going to go over and address one of the most common problem areas for people. I’m again asked a lot about it. It is the muffin top. At first, I had no idea what it was. I had to look it up on Google. Google showed me it’s this area right here above your hips right here. Where that little, extra letting sticks out of your jeans. If you got a lower cut shirt, It will stick out as well – that is the muffin top. So today I’m going to show you some exercises, how to strengthen that area. Specifically, the muscles we’ll be targeting are the obliques. But before we get into that, I do want to note it’s very important… you’re listening to this, like I’ve said, in other videos, you cannot spot reduce body fat okay? You can not spot reduce body fat. Meaning, if I just do a bunch of oblique exercises, my muffin tops kind of not go away. It could strengthen the muscles of your obliques and give it a slightly tighter look. Just because muscle is a little bit tighter than a fat, but it’s not going to completely eliminate it. What you need to do for that is get proper nutrition and exercise regularly. Get proper rest each night. So nutrition, exercise, sleep. I know it’s not the funnest thing in the world to tell you repeatedly, but those are the most important, it should be the cornerstone. Now that being said, you got everything on lock. You’ve been doing all those consistently for a while. We could do some isolation exercises for the obliques to kind of strengthen and tone that muffin top. So we’re going to get into those now.

I’m going to give you three quick ones here. First one we’re going to want to do is a (1) side plank. So you go down here all the way down to the ground. Bring those hips up. Now when we’re in the side plank, you want to first make sure our shoulders, our knees and our ankles are all in one nice line here. Raise the hips up. Squeeze the butt forward. You want to squeeze this area right here up your abs. If that’s too easy for you, you could raise a foot off and hold it there for a little extra of resistance. You would turn over. After a minute of doing one side, you’re going to turn over and do it on the other side. If you can’t quite make it a minute yet, that’s fine. Break it up to 30 second intervals is fine.

After that, we’re going to stay down on the ground and we will do (2) bicycle abs. Now, I see this done wrong very frequently. The best way to do this is you’re going to want to go slow and controlled. If you’re a beginner, here’s a way that you can do it properly, you’re going to take one hand, place it on the ground there. So this shoulder is staying down in this instance as my right shoulder. Cause I’m going to go up with my left shoulder, immediate at my right knee here. So I would go up, squeeze the core, go back down slow and controlled. After I’ve mastered it with two feet on the ground, raised 2 feet, go there and then we can alternate back and forth. But remember the opposite shoulder down, go slow and controlled, especially on the way down you want to squeeze the core there.  

And then we’re going to go to a heavier (3) single arm carry. Let’s called it suitcase carry. Now, if you don’t have a 50 pound dumbbell like I do at home, you can find something, a bucket, fill it up with water. Grab a bag of rice, grab your kid by the collar, carrying him like this. I’m just kidding. Don’t do that. 🙂 Go ahead. When you are doing your carry though, you want to square your shoulders up, walk nice and slow and controlled there. Try and bring your belly button in and up. Squeeze your core the whole time. You want to keep these shoulders square. That’s what’s going to work. This is if you’re keeping these square, if we’re leaning to this side, that’s not going to work. And please do not do this exercise. When you’re doing that. (Please see the video) You’re just going to stand up and walk nice and slow. Think about a minute or so down a minute, minute and a half down on one side and then a minute, minute and a half on the other. 

And I’ll throw in a bonus exercises. This one’s for more advanced people. It’s a windshield wiper. You’re going to go down on the ground here. Keep that chest elevated. You just drop your feet out to the side here, go down, and then you’re going to use your core. You’re going to flex your core to pull it back into center. Don’t use your hips there. So go down and even think about it. Just kind of leaning with your knees there, and then I’m going to squeeze my core and that’s, what’s going to bring it back to the middle. Don’t use your hips to move it back to the middle. If you’re not feeling that one quite a bit, you’re probably not doing it right. Okay. So just focus on those other three then. So to recap, to eliminate that muffin top, first thing you’re going to do is focus on your nutrition. You’ve got to quit eating as many muffins. You’re going to want to focus on your exercise and you’re gonna want to focus on that rest. That’s gonna eliminate the most body fat. And then once we got those habits down on lock, we can do some isolation for the obliques that is more of that muffin top area. That is all for today. Thank you for tuning into muffin top Monday. I hope everybody has a fantastic rest of their week. Stay strong!

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