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Health and Fitness Beaufort: “…it literally changed my life”

Join me in congratulating Jasmina who in 29 hours of training dropped 12.5 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle! Good Job Jasmina! Keep moving toward your goals!

Jasmina said since joining EarthFIT “…it literally changed my life… I feel clarity and a new sense of like alertness.”

“I just joined EarthFIT and ever since, it’s literally changed my life. I don’t want this to sound like one of those testimonials where you’re like saying these things, but it literally changed my life.

Before EarthFIT, my life was chaotic, I would say. I was freaking killing myself. I mean, I had digestive issues, I had headaches, I was living on coffee, I thought it was lack of sleep, but the food was everything. Now I feel great like I don’t have digestive issues anymore. I mean, it’s like people look so good on the outside with makeup, and this and that, but you can be a total disaster, and I’m in my 40s, like, what’s going to happen when I’m in 50s or 60s?

I felt like crap pretty much. I really did. I looked healthy, I looked happy but I really felt worn out like I’m 80, so I knew there’s something I gotta do to change this, or I’m just going to run myself into the ground.

Well before EarthFIT, I tried, you know, those at home things, like you’d watch videos and exercise, but I could never commit to it unless I’m held accountable from someone. The 30 minutes I was skeptical how can you actually achieve results in 30 minutes. When I use to workout which was a long time ago I would spend like 2 hours.

And it’s intense but it’s just the right amount, you hit fatigue, and you’re just so energised, you don’t feel dead and you just go on with your day. I feel clarity and a new sense of like alertness.

I would recommend EarthFIT to everybody… and it’s not about whether you want to lose weight. I feel like it’s the perfect name – like it’s a body, mind transformation. Just do it, try it. There’s nothing to lose.”

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