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Beaufort Fitness: Baby Weight Workout

Baby Weight Workout

“Hey EarthFITters, this is Coach Sam here today I have my special co-coach with me, a little baby Henley. She’s my wonderful little daughter. Today we’re going to go over an exercise routine you could do with your little one at home. I don’t have much time before she probably gets a little rambunctious, so we’re going to get right into it. Let’s exercise routine we’re going to do five exercises. You’ll do five sets of those as precise as back to back to back, just like in a circuit fashion. So we’re going to start by doing baby squats to chest press or squatting down and we’re pressing out and seeing those big smiles there each time and then standing up. So two presses, one, two and then back up. We’re going to do five to 10 repetitions whatever your child will allow you to do on those.

Then we’re going to do squat to shoulder press. Same thing, squatting down and up one, two… And then back down and one, two. Again, you’re going to continue for about five repetitions there. Then we’re going to get down to the floor. We’re going to do pushups and Henley really likes this one. We’re going to do a push up down to the belly and then back up again, you want to get about 10 reps in there and then the second to the last exercise will be over here on the couch. We’re going to do some squats. We’re going to do pulsing squats though here. So down and up going halfway; they really like this one as well. Again, you want to get 10 to 20 reps on that one and we’re going to finish up some more legs. We’re going to do a walking lunge.

I’ll flip Henley over. So yeah, watching you can see her stepping out for forward lunge switching leg each and every time you want to get about 10 each leg. If you’re more advanced and you have a couch, you could do a split squat with your rear foot elevated there, getting a nice, good leg workout. And again, you’re going to do five exercises, about five to 10 reps on each of those, on pulsing squats your going to want to do 10 to 20 reps. You can get a pretty good workout in with the little one. I enjoy doing this. I think it’s a good bonding experience for me and my daughter. That’s all for today. “Henley, can you say bye?” Thank you for tuning in.”

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