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Health and Fitness Beaufort: Relief4Life and EarthFIT Combo

Dorothy H. Testimonial

“Twice a year since 1991, maybe three times even. I put my back out and I’d have to go see somebody. The first time I hurt back, the response was to lay in bed for three months and then I saw a surgeon who said he could do surgery, which I did not want. Then I went to a chiropractor to work with me over the years.

Before Relief4Life, I was weaker than I thought I was. I didn’t have very good balance. So coming here all that has changed… Since Relief4Life I have had vast improvements in my back and how I feel, how I walk, how I stand, how I see myself. I found that my core, it’s a lot more, it’s a lot of muscle. It’s a lot of connection between thinking and doing, who you are and becoming part of your body. 

Before EarthFIT, when my back would go out, it would be a matter of just laying in bed and kind of getting through the day until I could see a doctor who could then give me a prescription for physical therapy, and it just took a long time and it was uncomfortable and pulled me out of my routine and my life.

I was not skeptical about the process at all. I did come in for my appointment and a discussion, an intelligent discussion, of how we approach back pain and I came in with an open mind and I think that was the best thing I could have done. Some of the results from EarthFIT, directly relating to EarthFIT, have been muscle strength in my legs, balance, a good stance, being able to lift and carry with very little pain, how to do it correctly, how to squat, how to get up from the floor without flopping around. 

I think my life has improved greatly. Relief4Life and EarthFIT for me is the entire package. It goes together. I wouldn’t want to do one without the other. I think they’re quite complimentary. I think if somebody is in enough pain, or is dissatisfied enough or unhappy enough, they’re the ones that have to make the decision inside to make the change. But once they reach that point where your back hurts too much or you can’t get up from the couch without grabbing your side, or you can’t lift anything or grandchildren, then the decision is made. And if you want to lose some weight and you want to get healthy and you want to get fit and you make that choice, then I would suggest coming down here first. When it hurts enough, you should come in. I mean, I’m in my 60s and I’m here, so it’s not a matter of age, it’s up here…”

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