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“I was diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer. I never stopped coming to EarthFIT”

“I will be honest, I just felt like, ‘Oh My Gosh it cost a lot!’ It’s financially just more than I was willing to pay. My husband said, ‘no you wanted to do this; you need to give it a try,’ and I am still here training, how ever many years later [7 years]… I was diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer. I never stopped coming to EarthFIT

Sandra was told by Doctors and nurses and everybody in the medical profession, “the reason you are going to do well is because you already have such a good exercise [program], you’ve taken good care of yourself. “

EarthFITter Sandra

Sandra has been an EarthFITter for 7 years. She was diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer in late 2018. Sandra continued training at EarthFIT during the initial diagnosis and treatment! “We had to change what I did, because now I went from, you know- wanting to, I couldn’t do aerobic any more and EarthFIT just helped me. First of all, just the accountability and doing something was HUGE! But they helped me to maintain my strength and my muscles. I kept saying, ‘all I want to do is try to get through this and not lose everything that I have gained.’ I mean everybody here was so helpful in helping me get through that initial diagnosis, getting started on the treatment, and I am also to the point now where I am ready to build again.”

“I just know I wouldn’t be in this shape; I wouldn’t have had this advantage had I not come to EarthFIT.”  “It’s Huge. It’s life changing!”

Health can’t be bought; it is one of those invaluable things that was given to most of us for free. It should be cherished and nurtured above most anything else because without it, we have nothing. 


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