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3 Steps To Break Through A Plateau

“Good morning everybody! Today’s video I’m going to cover what to do if your progress has stalled, maybe you’re stalled on, maybe you’re stuck at those 20 pound dumbbells. Maybe you’re stuck at a certain weight and you’re not seeing that scale budge. What can you do? Three things we’re going to cover today. I’m going to give you 3 simple steps. If you follow these, you should see that progress pick back up. 

(1) So the first thing where you need to look at our routine, what are you currently doing? If you’re stuck, it’s important to remember that what you’re doing currently is not going to take you to where you need to go. You’re going to have to change something. So first let’s look at the exercise routine. Have you been doing the same thing for awhile? Is it the same sets/reps? Are you doing the same amount of frequency each week? Are you only working out once a week? Maybe you could add in another day, but more than likely what I always have clients start out with is let’s change up things like your reps, your exercises, and then we’ll go from there. So if you’re doing the same thing consistently over time, your body is going to adapt. It’s going to become very efficient with it. So change up your routine. 

(2) Second thing, just how your body adapts to exercise, it also will adapt to your nutrition. So maybe you’ve been at the same caloric intake. You’ve been eating very similar foods for a long time now, your body is going to get very efficient, and it’s not going to want to drop any weight. So if you’re looking for fat loss specific if you’re stalled at that weight, you may have to adjust your nutrition up or down. It’s not always down. Sometimes we’re so low, our body feels in a state of stress and it’s not going to drop excess body fat. So really examine your nutrition. You may need to change things up there as well.

(3) And then the third thing, very important… check your sleep. Oftentimes progress is simply halted because people are not sleeping enough. Again, your body is not going to build muscle or burn fat if it is feeling like it hasn’t slept in years. So make sure that you’re getting good, consistent sleep.


So again to recap, what you’re going to do is first, look at that exercise routine. It may be time to change things up second, look at the nutrition. Again, you may need to change things up in that as well. And then third, make sure we’re getting a restful night’s sleep. That is all for today. Stay strong.”

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