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Beaufort Fitness: Goal Analysis Process

“Hey everybody! Today, I wanted to share with you a quick process you can use to achieve any goal that you’re striving towards, whether that’s health and wellness related, personal or professional, and you can use this strategy to move closer to them. We’re going to get into it right now. All right. So this all centers around this kind of strategy centers around self analysis. So we’re going to have to analyze why we want the goal, what’s preventing us from getting there and how do we get there. So there’s 5 crucial steps you must take. 

First thing, (1) We want to clearly identify the goal. What is it specifically you’re looking to achieve. (2) We want to look into why do we actually want to achieve that? What’s motivating us behind wanting that goal. (3) We want to look at roadblocks, any anticipated roadblocks or roadblocks we’re currently having. And then fourth (4) We want to look at why would those roadblocks exist? And then fifth, (5) We want to look at how we can go plow right through those roadblocks, go on a straight line towards our goals.

So I’m going to give you guys a quick real life example that frequently comes up. So let’s say health and wellness we’ll stay on that topic that’s what I know best, but let’s say you’re somebody that wants leaner, toner, arms, something I hear very commonly. Okay. First when you’re identifying that goal, you should actually measure out your arms and see what you would want them to be. But let’s just say for this video, you want leaner and toner arms. Okay. We’ve identified that goal. Why do you want that goal? Generally, I’ll hear something initially like this, my arms are a little bit flabby, there’s loose skin back there that’s why I want leaner and toner arms. That is the wrong answer. That enough is not going to get you to move past your roadblocks, move past some of the things that may come up on your journey to getting there. So we have to identify the true reason why. When you get to the true reason why it’s going to sound something like, well, I want leaner toner arms because my arms are flabby, I don’t like the way they look. When I was growing up, I was always made fun of the back of my arms. I’m really insecure about it and honestly, I don’t know if my spouse thinks that I’m sexy because of my arms, something like that. Let me say I made that up but that’s usually what, you’ll start to hear something along those lines. Okay. So once you have your true reason why you want to achieve that goal out, then we have to go to the roadblocks. 


And just so you know, when you’re digging into that, why it should feel a little uncomfortable. It’s going to… That’s okay. Get the true reason out. Okay. Just keep going until you have that a little bit of emotional response that it comes out. Third thing, the roadblocks we want to identify what’s preventing us from this goal, especially if this is a goal you’ve been trying to achieve for a while, and you just haven’t made any progress. Something that comes up frequently that people want a leaner and toner arms is while I’ve been running a lot lately. So when I go into my workouts, you know, I’m kind of tired… I’m not sure if I’m pushing the max weight I want to, that’s an example of a roadblock. You’re feeling fatigued while you’re training. Okay. Now we want to look at why the roadblock exists. 

And in this phase, it really helps to have another person when you’re identifying your roadblocks and identifying how to move past them. It really helps if you have someone else there kind of to help you or bounce ideas off of, because a lot of times roadblocks come from false beliefs. So in this case, it’s, if I run more, I’m running more because I want to get in better shape, that should tone my arms up. That’s actually a false belief because you’re running and it’s causing you tiredness, not allowing you to push as hard in your arms. So having somebody there to say, no, that’s incorrect can really help you. So once you’ve identified, okay, the roadblock is this it’s because of a false belief or it’s because of whatever something happened in my past, then we need to implement a strategy to get past that or go right through that roadblock. 

In this case with only your toner arms example, it would be… you’re going to continue to run because you said you like to run, but let’s not do it on days that we workout, we’re going to workout 3 days a week and then you can run or do your cardio to other days. So that was a very generic example. 


I hope you took some value from that. Again, we’re going to identify specifically, what goal are we looking to achieve? Second, why do we want to truly achieve that goal and get to your real reason why you want to achieve it. Third, roadblocks that are coming up. What are they? And then fourth, why do those roadblocks exist? Is it because of a false belief? Is it because of something else and then fifth and final, develop an actionable plan to get right through those roadblocks and make it very specific and straight to the point. 


All right, that is all for today! I hope you found value in this video if you’re dealing with anything and you’re not sure how to go through this process, you can reach out to me, send me a message and I would be more than happy to kind of help coach you through it. Alright. That is all for today, stay strong.”

-EarthFIT Coach Sam

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