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Beaufort Nutrition: Eating On The Go

Hey everyone! It’s Whitney from EarthFIT. So today I want to talk to you about “Eating On The Go”. So just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean you have to make poor food choices. So the first thing I recommend is be prepared. If you’re meal prepping or you’re focusing a lot on nutrition, you need to prepare your meals. You need to have them ready to go for the day, at the very least. That way we know for your schedule, you have everything you need to hit those targets that you’re doing. Now, say you’re not meal prepping, you’re just trying to eat right, you’ve been working on nutrition: You do want to be prepared. So, a few things you can do is if you know you’re going to be away from home, or you’re not going to be able to eat what you need to eat, you want to bring stuff with you. A few things you can bring with you for snacks are… I like to tell people, bring protein. That’s the easiest way to get good nutrition is having a good amount of protein. And you can do that through like a protein shake. You can do that through hard boiled eggs. You can do that through some chicken breast. You can do that through tuna. There’s a lot of easy protein snacks that you can bring with you on the go. If you do a protein shake, you might want to have a bottle or something – a shaker, something easy where you don’t even need a ball. You can get one that has a top that you can mix a protein already. I like to use this one because it also has at the bottom, a separate pouch that you can keep things dry. Sometimes I’ll put nuts in there depending on what my macros are for the day. If I need some fats, those are some options.


Now say last resort, you are out, you don’t have any snacks with you… What can you do? So you have a few options. I like to give people is: (1) You can completely fast.  Just because you’re feeling hungry doesn’t mean you need to eat. Sometimes you’ll do better if you don’t eat anything at all, you wait so you’re in a place where you can have a proper meal and you can make sure you’re staying on track with nutrition. A little hunger is not going to kill anybody. That being said, if you have diabetes or something where you do need to monitor blood sugar, that’s a different story. But for most people you can fast. Now, say you can’t fast and you’re like, “I really need something.” I recommend try starting drinking some water first, having some water. Sometimes people think they’re hungry, but really they’re dehydrated. 

I know for me personally, if I’m feeling like I want fruit to eat, it’s typically the water in the fruit that I’m craving. It’s not actually food that I want. Now, worst comes to worst, you don’t have any options, you need to have something to eat. I like to think the worst case scenario is you go to a gas station. So, if you can find something healthy to eat it at a gas station, you can pretty much find it anywhere. Whether it’s a grocery store, a restaurant, your gas station is going to be the bottom of the barrel, for instance. So I’ve actually gone to a gas station today to show you some options that you can have that’ll work. And I’ll go over with those with you now.

(Please see the video)


Volpi Roltini Singles

  • 140 calories & 10g protein per serving
  • Good source of protein
  • No added nitrates

Chobani Yogurt

  • 110 calories & 11g protein per serving
  • No artificial flavors
  • Made with real fruit

Wonderful Pistachios

  • Plant-based protein
  • Good source of fat
  • Non-GMO

Quest Protein Chips

  • 18g protein per serving
  • Baked, Never fried
  • 4g net carbs

Any Fruit/ Veggies

  • Full of important nutrients
  • A whole food
  • 110 calories

Duke’s Sausages

  • No MSG, No preservatives
  • 7g protein, 11g fat
  • 130 calories


-EarthFIT Coach Whitney

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