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Interview With Pharmacologist Dr. Huynh (Healing Hacks)

Ian Hart interviewed Dr. Huynh for his book “Healing Hacks” which is all about natural healing techniques and hacks for recovery fast and performance max. He interviews healing hackers who give their most valuable techniques to stimulate the healing process in the body. You can learn more about it when you read the book – Dr. TK Huynh is a pharmacist and his mission in life is to help ease people’s pain, help minimize the use of potentially harmful over the counter medications especially prescription drugs. He spent the past several years of his life with his team of researchers developing a unique and technologically advanced solution – the MindBody Matrix Cream that is not only infused with some of the most potent herbs and essential oils but gone even further by infusing each and every bottle of pain cream with “red light” frequencies that have been proven to work.

  1. The conventional pills system is really the only treatment system out there that’s FDA approved. And that’s scientifically proven. And in some way we were brainwashed to believe that way and be trapped in that box where we’re walking around thinking that there’s a pills for every symptoms or every diagnosis. And we weren’t taught that, hey, you should be helping people change how they live their life, what they put into their body and what they put out of their body and where they live and what they do. Their lifestyle all affects us them before you really put a pill into them that would ultimately have maybe a good effect, but some pill has very toxic side effect and some pills are very addictive and some pill literally will kill you. And that was the system that we were in many way brainwash to or not offering an alternative. And when I started to open up my own independent pharmacy was when I started to really learn what, what the alternative are when I started my fellowship in functional regenerative medicine and really understand food, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes. (Pharmacy System | 02:46)

  2. We have different pain formulation and then just the whole boosting or mindset of brain on thinking with more clarity and thinking faster. So we, we always trying to mess with molecular structure and nutritional supplement to be able to hack the body and instruct the body using information set to get information to the body to be able to, to get to things a lot faster… What tipped me over the point was when I started my path into energy medicine with light therapy and biofeedback and PEMF and Yoga and meditation and Chee Kong and really then seeing not the part of elephant or the diagnosis, but seeing the body as the whole, and understanding that everything thing is about energy and information and vibration and frequency that really changes thing. And that was why we truly put our brain and our money and our passion into experiment and building up the technology to be able to deliver this type of energy and information into a cream to be able to help people change. (Energy, Information and MindBody Matrix Cream | 05:10)

  3. Where, what causing more harm? Only a pharmacy and dispensing more pills to people where our initial hope was like, Hey, you’ve been diagnosed, we’re going to help heal you now. But what we realized was like, man, we just gave that patient a pill. Next year there are two more pills to manage the other side effects and manage more of the degradation of the organs and the physiology of the body. And before you know it, they’re like on five pills, 10 pills, and their brain isn’t working properly and they’re having like miserable life. And that was kind of like our journey it’s like how do we find a system that is better than the pills itself? (Pharmacy System and Dr. Huynh’s Journey | 08:31)

  4. Everything that comes down in this universe comes down to atom protons and neutrons. And if these are the quantum molecular structure, they are constantly vibrating and at very specific vibration they become together to make a larger molecule and that molecule has a very unique vibration structure. And then all the molecule comes together to make a cells or organelles and then an organ, every single step has very unique sets of vibrations and structures and frequency. And then it comes together to make a whole physiology. So we got the nervous system, the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular system, the brain, and we, they all have their own unique sets of vibration and frequency. And if our body then is this whole vibration and frequency organ, that’s how some culture talks about meridian channels and acupuncture points, how some culture talks about auras and chakras, we’ll all talking about the same thing it’s this vibration that give us a different sets of light waves and frequency and all of these information. (Frequency and Vibration | 11:09)

  5. What I came to realize is that if we are a set of information, then information can be override with stronger information. And so that was how we came about with, with this theory because I started practicing a biofeedback and energy medicine and using a lot of PEMF technology pulsed electromagnetic frequency, just kind of like that, that a unit you have right back there, that’s an amazing unit. And so kinda like how we can use light and frequency and light as the carrier wave to carry the frequency as the information. And so I thought that was true because I started seeing more article about light carrying information sets. And so I’m like, okay, if I can do that, just as if people are using homeopathic cause that’s what homeopathic is, is dilution of information set has been diluted by one time, six times, three time or a hundred times a thousand times. And what is in the dilution is just information. And this was kind of proven by Buenavista back in the 40s or 50. And so what then happened is what if we can’t take homeopathic information and amplified the signature by 10,000 time and deliver it into the molecular structure of the cream as memory set and then take that information, that cream and apply it to the energy field of the body. Will we be able to override information vibration in the body? And so we started with this kind of crazy theory of testing it and, and had somebody built the right technology and device and light bid to be able to deliver that information set, that would be stronger than homeopathic to be able to imprint into the cream. And when you apply the cream on to your heart, and the back of your neck or anywhere in your body, you could apply it onto that vibration of information then communicate with the body. Then it starts to override the instruction of what is going on to the body and give it the right information set that we sent in there. (MindBody Matrix Cream and Frequency | 13:20)

  6. We’re living in a world where technology is accelerating so fast that we don’t have the research or the tracking system to really correlate and see what is going on, on how all the Wifi and environmental toxins is affecting our body. And so we’re bombarded with all of these frequency, and information set that’s slowly disrupting our genetic being. So we’re seeing more people, especially with with 5G’s is coming up. We’re going to see more people with nausea, vomiting, dizziness and vertigo and stuff like that. And mental confusion, sleep pattern disruption, especially when even the blue lights and the fluorescent lights and all that stuff coming through. But going back to the body, the body is an information energy being. So when our heart is pumping, it’s sending out electromagnetic information into the field. But what we also need to realize is that it’s also receiving information from the field. And that was one of the reason why we have people apply the cream over their heart. So that way the heart understands the heart coherent information that we put in there. And so we put in there the heart, lung meridian also. So that way the heart and the mind and the gut are talking as one and be in alignment with each other. (Technology, Information and MindBody Matrix Cream | 16:34)

  7. We discover of how important the heart, not just in term of delivering fluids and pumping blood and controlling the blood pressure and the rest of the body in term of getting the nutrient there, but the information that the heart has the ability to imprint into the fluids that goes through and telling the body the rest of the body energetically what is going on in our environment just as if we walk into a room where there’s bad people and we get that gut feeling that there’s something weird going on. That’s our heart telling the rest of the body and it’s our gut and our brain building up that intuition and saying, there’s something wrong here and we just need to be able to intuitively understand that. (Heart and Information | 18:21)

  8. Instead of being able to use a substance that is illegal but use the bioenergetic copy of that, where is legal, it doesn’t have the profound added addictive effect at high dose or any danger of having a high dose. But really being able to activate the information in the brain fill and our conscious and subconscious field to be able to get into that meditative state where we have the mental clarity and say, hey, I really see things in a very different way, and how do we be able to use that to open up the rest of our brain and, and invent and create things for humanity. (Imprint and Psychedelics | 20:04)

  9. My definition of healing is really activating the body’s system to be able to go back into homeostasis because our body is always trying to get back into homeostasis at a physical level. But how do we intuitively hack our information feel basically our conscious mind, subconscious mind and our intention to be able to instruct the body or the system that is off to get back to its normal state. A lot of time traumas, emotional stress or physical stress or pain can interfere with the information set that leads to the long term offset of this homeostatic system. If we can easily be able to use a very safe way without actual synthetic drugs that may have harmful side effects to be able to instruct the body to get back to what is normal physically and emotionally. That would be the journey of healing. (Healing | 22:54)

  10. I use all kinds of hacks and it’s always about discovering how do we incorporate each of these. And I have light frequency chambers and device and the technology that we use, but is really about how do we bring our mind into the state of consciousness where we’re at peace and how do we shift our emotional stress that we go through on a daily basis or a past traumas and how do we go. So, yeah, we started to do more meditation and learning how to do better meditation in different way and, and learning different skills, like tapping into our subconscious mind to let go of our trauma and reframe our stories, reframe of mindset… (Healing Hacks | 24:40)

  11. What we learn is how do we help people let go, let go of all the emotion, all the trauma that we hold on to help them reframe this story with the state where they feel secure, where they feel that they have unconditional love and that they feel at peace. So that way they can say, Oh, you know what? All those things that really happen, it happened for me. So that way I can move forward now. And, and help them reframe that story. And that was part of my learning journey was like before it was like, oh, why do all these cracks and all of these crazy incident and stressful thing happened to me. And it was more understanding that, you know what? It happened for me because now I can, I’m free to leave my pharmacy, leave my pharmacy business where I wasn’t. I was helping people, but I wasn’t. I can do more. I can help more people and really focus this, this energy and this passion and my uniqueness, my talent to reach more people. So, so it was, it was about that understanding that journey. (Trauma | 26:40)

  12. I looked back, I’m like, those things happen happened for me to made me who I am and really think about the opportunity that we have. And that was why we want it to start this whole program of buy one, give one to a veteran. Because given the opportunity that we were given escaping from Vietnam after the war, and having the ability to get us to where we are today and that opportunity, we want to give back and we want it to give back to a veteran. (MindBody Matrix Cream and Veteran | 31:15)

  13. Grounding doesn’t cost anybody anything and it’s easy and it’s going to change people’s life profoundly and really about not taking a lot of time to be able to do this. Given that we’re moving to a society of Wifi, wireless signal and interference everywhere, and with five g coming out, I would say grounding the easiest way. If you live close by the beach, take a walk barefoot on the beach where the water is, you’re going to feel so much better because of all that negative ion from the earth magnetic spheres being absorbed into your body. Or if you live up in the mountain, walk in the woods, in the forest, all those negative ion will give you the same effect. But let’s say if you live here in Fresno, you’re not, you’re not that close to the mountains or close to the beach. The easiest inexpensive hack is that dig a six inch or a foot hole two by two pour a couple of sandbags in there, wet the sand and then all the silica and the sand and everything will with the wetness will charge and pull more the electromagnetic frequency from the earth up. Just sit there and bury your feet in it for five minutes, 15 minutes, whatever you like to start out with. 60 seconds. And then, and then over time you’re going to feel so good that you’re going to be sitting there reading a book or meditating for half an hour or more. And it doesn’t cost you anything. (Grounding | 33:32)

  14. They’re getting negative ions, which help quench the positive charge which are like toxins and things that are in our body. (Grounding | 35:41)

  15. Breathing that doesn’t cost them money but it help reset their fight and flight system and shift their fight and flight system from high adrenaline, high cortisol, high epinephrine into a state of low, high dopamine high parasympathetic tone and when I say breathing, there’s probably two main one that would be very popular. One is obviously the Wim Hof method and that’s ridiculously like beneficial and that’s what you’re certified to do. And the other thing is, is what Tony Robbins kind of talk about is priming. It’s basically his way of Wim Hof breathing but taking deep breaths or certain breath method… changes the whole physiology and reset the whole immune system in our body. And that’s simple, meditative, easy to do but it’s going to change the course of our whole physiology and it’s like, it’s amazing. And so I do that every morning in my shower. (Breathing | 36:03)

  16. When we did this, we want to make sure that we’re in compliant with the FDA and FTC. And how do we make a cream that we can say that it’s for temporary relief of minor aches and pain due to arthritis, joint muscle sprains and strains and pulls and stuff like that. And how do we make a cream that is functionally natural and safe for people to use, but incorporate the energy field information into the cream and that it would hold that information set properly. And so we look at electrical charges, we look at water imprinting method and basically then we go, okay, we don’t want the cream to smell like bengay where it has high camphor/high menthol. So we didn’t put any camphor oil in there. We went on and say what is the lowest amount of menthol that we can register with the FDA as an over the counter analgesic. So we went with 1.5% menthol, but we, we added the calendula, the Arnica, the boswellia and all of these herbal extracts that was used traditionally for these types of symptoms or issues. I have to try to be FDA compliance because we can’t, we can’t say that these herbs and essential oil use for pain or anything like that. And so, so then we added an essential oil to really create a synergistic blend and that would smells good, but effectively carry the charge and the information set that we needed. And so after the production in a FTC approved facility, the cream thing comes to our office and we put it inside a red light chamber and we pretreat it for half an hour with information. And the information that we’d put in there is about getting grounded. So we put in earth natural resonant in there. But how do we look at helping people let go? So in traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture, there’s the meridian called heart lung meridian, and a lot of our grief and stress and anger and bitterness, we hold inside our heart and our lung meridian. And that throws off this meridian creating energy blockage. And so we experiment with putting that information set for the heart lung meridian in there. And what we’ve found is that it help people liberate, let go of all that emotion when it clear out that energetic flow along them and then we look at putting in, getting how do we get people into meditative state where their brain goes into peaceful, unconditional state, increasing their ability to get into Delta and Beta brainwaves and stuff like that… So they went about asking for a box of the sample and they’re saying that it’s, it’s crazy. It’s doubling their meditative state, the catching more birdies and it’s causing these huge improvement for them. And so there were some people who were also using aura ring to track their sleep and their brain pattern and their meditation pattern. And one of the reaction from one of the doctor who uses this was, it was kind of like, this was like, Holy Shit, Holy Shit TK what the, how happen? I used it for the first time at a hotel, which is extremely unusual to, to be able to literally disrupt sleep pattern. And her result that morning in terms of applying it before meditation was she got into like 15 minutes of a 100% deep state meditation where she was meditating for the last five years and being able to track it and saying that she had never come to the point, usually at 80% for three to five minutes, but now it’s 15 minutes at 100%. And we’re getting that type of results. But really it then that is the concept. How do we physically shift people with their pain intensity in term of how they interpret that in the consciousness mind but how do we shift people from a high emotional stress state to a low, peaceful, loving state where they’re conscious mind interpret the pain differently. And that’s basically what the cream does. (MindBody Matrix Cream | 38:05)

  17. It’s the information set in the cream. And what all it does is put you into a state of heart coherence and meditative state. And so yeah, we definitely can see, most likely heart rate changes, brainwave changes. I tested it on my own heart, Doctor Kessler, heart quest. It’s what I used. It’s kind of another offset of heart rate variability program. And so that checks on my different brainwave, my biological self and my physical self and all of the neuro, all the energetic neurotransmitters and hormones. and my auras and my chakras it checks for all that. And it has been a huge difference, but there’s not a lot of people who uses that program. So what we’re trying to do is we’re in the process of working with aura ring and Muse officially to be able to help people get into that state faster. But yeah, we’re going to try to work with heart quest though the people that does heart rate variability and be able to track that. And that’s why it’s leading me to a meeting with doctor Joe Dispenza in June and he uses heart rate variability testing and his meditation and a, we’re hoping to be able to get them there faster if we can save them a couple hour, half a day to be able to get into a meditative state when they’re doing their whole day meditation, that’s going to be huge change for them. (Heart Rate Variability and MindBody Matrix Cream | 45:46)


Ian Hart is a Body-Mind Transformation expert, the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, co-creator of BACK PAIN RELIEF4LIFE, HEALING HACKS author, and founder of BEAUFORTPERSONALTRAINING.COM and MYBACKPAINCOACH.COM. Ian and his team help people get into optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible, using cutting edge science.

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