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Follow Along: 7 Way Hips

“Hey everybody! Today, we’re going to let those glutes get on fire. So we’re all going to hit the ground. I want you to follow along with me today. After you do this, if you love it, drop a burn comment down below. Let me know if your glutes got lit up, like mine are about to. So we’re going to start out. We’re just going to lay here on the ground. It’s only gonna take about 5-6 minutes here. So we’re going to lay down right here on our arm and lay on my biceps, hand is down, front foot… hips are stacked on top of one another, and I’m going to slightly elevate this foot, point the toe down there. And then from there, we want to keep the toe pointed down the entire time through the duration of the exercise.


(1) We’re just going to start by going up and we’re going to go for 10 of those after we get 10 and we’re going to go forward.

(2) We’re just going forward, press down through that front palm if you need to, to kind of balance yourself out, we’re going to do 10 of these.

(3) And then now we’re gonna do the same thing, we’re just kicking back. Some of you may really struggle with this one. You ain’t want to come up off here, again, just press down on the ground. My toe is staying down the whole time.

(4) Now we’re going to kick it back and forward. Just like a pendulum here. Try to keep that toe lifted and remember to breathe. I’m kind of holding my breath here even.

(5) All right. Now, we’re going to get into the fun ones that really burn so keep that toe pointed down we’re going to do 10 forward circles. Right now you should be feeling it in this hip here in this glute. You can either put your hand on there to feel a little bit more… Good.

(6) Now we’re going to go backward circles.

(7) All right, last one on this side, we’re going to keep that toe down. Just like you’re riding a bike. I’m bringing my knee up to my chest and keeping it elevated then I’m kicking out. So kicking forward, just like you’d be running or kind of pedalling on a bike there. You should be feeling it. And the hips and the glutes.

And we’re going to roll over and go on the other side now. So we got one out of the way that should have burned a little bit there. This is a great exercise too. If you’re looking for a warm up exercise before you do more rigorous strength training routine, barbell squats things like that, this is great to kind of warm up all those little muscles in the hips and the glutes that need to be active to perform exercises safely and efficiently. So this side for me is a little bit weaker. I can definitely feel I’m already starting to feel it on the side, which is very common to have a muscular imbalance from one side or the other often we’ll be leaning one side or the other, and we won’t even notice keep the hips down, keeping it elevated. 

And now I’m going to go pendulum here. Still trying to keep that toe pointed down. I’m struggling on this side to keep it down… So if it’s burning at home, that’s all right. It’s supposed to. 

And that’s the last one right there. Now we’re going to go to the circles and lay it up here. And these don’t have to be big circles. Think about your foot stacked right on top of the ankle, the other ankle that is down and we’re going to reverse circles. Almost done here. 

And now we’re going to finish pedalling out here to finish. Keep that toe down, The higher you can kind of keep your foot up on this one off the ground, the more you’re going to feel it there. 

And last one. All right. Then when you get up your hips may feel a little, a little strange, shake them out there, shake that booty out. Now, if that burned a little bit, I want you to drop a fire comment below if it burned a lot. I want you to drop two of them. That’s all for today. Stay strong.”

-EarthFIT Coach Sam


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