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Beaufort Fitness: Spot Reduction is a Myth

“Hey everybody! Welcome to today’s video. Today I’m going to cover spot reduction, the spot reduction myth. The reason I’m going to cover this in this video is I get tons of questions. It’s “Hey Sam, how do I tone my tummy?”, “How do I get rid of this flab on my arms?”, “What about my hips? Is there anything I can do specifically to that?”

So first thing to know, spot reduction, meaning targeting a specific body part, just to burn fat off that area is a myth. Your body when you burn fat, burns it from all over the place. Now there are a few things you could do to target specific areas, to make them look a little bit toner, but all of those are going to include building muscle.

So we’ll take the back of the arms for example. So if you do have excess flab on the back of your arms, as most people describe it to me… simply by doing a bunch of tricep push downs or exercises that target the area are not going to just burn fat specifically localized to the tricep.


What it will do is it will build a little bit of a muscle and it may give it a slightly tighter appearance, but ultimately it’s not going to burn the fat off of that area. That’s just one example. Same thing goes most common one is probably the lower stomach for the abs to get those areas to kind of really tight tone look you’re looking for. You’re gonna have to drop overall body fat and that’s going to come through what I’m always talking about – Getting good sleep, good nutrition, and good training, and being consistent over time, dropping your body fat as a whole. So take away from this video spot reduction is a myth you can not just hammer away one body part and expect it to all suddenly shrink, that is not going to happen. You have to work the entire body full body movements, compound movements are proven to be the most effective. And of course, it’s going to come down to nutrition and consistency over time. So that is all for today. Stay strong.”

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