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How To Get Our Children To Eat Healthy

Hey, EarthFIT fam! In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about the kids. We’re gonna go over your children. How do we get our children to eat healthy?

And how do we keep our children from preventing us from eating healthy? Let’s get right into it. So this topic, it gets brought up a lot to me… Not only am I a trainer, but I’m also a father of four. So I do have quite a lot of experience with this. Typically when I’m meeting with people in nutrition or have met with people in nutrition, I’ll occasionally get a question like, well, how do I get my kids like this? Because this, this seems great and all, but I don’t really think that they’ll eat like this and or people come to me and they’ll talk to me about some of their big struggles. And oh my family, you know, I, I cook for my kids and I just, I just kinda eat, end up eating what they eat.


So how can I get on the path to success? So I kinda wanna address this, this topic head on. Okay. My thoughts about it are pretty straightforward and clear and simple. You may or may not disagree with them. This is a disclaimer. I’m not throwing out unsolicited parenting advice. So if you don’t want to hear it, then I would turn this video off. If you do wanna hear what I have to say about it, let’s continue forward. So if you’re in that situation, right, you’re cooking for your kids. You’re trying to eat healthy yourself and they just don’t seem to eat healthy. What do you do?


Well, you dictate, you are the parent in most situations. You’re gonna decide what the children actually eat. So “What do I do when they throw a big fuss, Sam? I don’t understand.” The way I like to approach this is I give them kind of an A / B option. Okay. Both are gonna be the healthier choices that kind of fit within my nutrition or what I want to do, or what I see is best for the healthy choice of the family. And the A / B option could be something like, “Hey, we’re either gonna have an apple. Would you like an apple or would you like a strawberry? Would you like broccoli? Would you like some spinach, you know, something that’s healthier. And then something that’s also healthy, give two options. I call that like the A/B option. So that’s one way you could do it. That’s going to meet less resistance than if we just straight up tell them how to do it. I want you to remember sometimes it’s tough right to do that, but ultimately the chance of your child starving themselves is pretty much zero. 


They’re gonna eat when they get hungry. So maybe a meal passes where they didn’t eat when you had to offer, I promise you that they will, eat eventually. They’re not gonna starve themselves. So that’s kind of how I would address this topic. If you’re something that’s struggling with having family, children specifically, and you can’t seem to eat healthy because of them. You have to remember who’s in charge first and foremost, you are as the adult, and really use this opportunity, not just to better your health, but to better generations of your family’s health. Right? A lot of people will talk about generational health, wealth being passed from generation to generation because they had a family member that was rich. Well, guess what? You can do the same thing with health, that is generational health. And that is a gift that doesn’t have a price tag

You can make your kids healthier. You can make your grandkids healthier, but ultimately you set the example as the adult and they’re gonna follow that good or bad. So just keep those thoughts in mind whenever we’re thinking about nutrition, whenever thinking about youth, the A / B option is great. And ultimately you’re the one with the power to change, not only your health, but generations, down your bloodline. So that’s all I have for today’s video. Hope you found value in this. If you liked it gimme a thumbs up, if you loved it gimme a heart and as always, stay strong.

-EarthFIT Coach Sam

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