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Exercising in Colder Climates | Beaufort Fitness

You have questions? Hopefully I have the answer. In today’s Q and A, I’m gonna go over some things we need to think about when we’re exercising in colder climates. All right. Let’s get right into it. So a question was asked, it gets frequently asked this time of year as the weather drops. Are there any special considerations I need to make in regards to my training, when the weather gets a little chillier? we’re gonna get right into that. Before I get into that, I do have to give you a little background. I have a lot of experience in this field. I grew up in Illinois. I primarily trained in a garage with no heat at all. So I’m used to working out in very low to negative conditions and I can tell you, there are few tips that I have, that I learned the hard way, to get you the most out of your exercise

Okay? So we’re gonna dive into those. (1) Tip number one, when it is colder out, you need to spend a little bit extra time warming up. When we think about a warmup, we gotta think about what the purpose is, it’s to raise our core temperature, to decrease our chance of injury, to increase our results. Okay. So typically when it’s colder out, your core temperature going into training is already gonna be cooler, right? You wake up, you go into the cold car, you drive to the training facility. Your body’s not getting warmed up there, right? It’s not as warm as it normally would be. So spend an extra three to five minutes. That’s all it takes to come in and give your warm up a little extra love. Okay. So that would be tip number one, spend an extra three to five minutes, warming up your core temperature. Okay. That is extremely important. If you do nothing else do that and you will see a great benefit to that.

(2) Second thing we want to consider, while even we’re warming up or going to the gym, what type of clothing are we wearing? We wanna think about where the heat escapes from, right? Primarily the head. So a great way to even get warmed up or if you’re just out exercising, I would strongly recommend putting on something over the head, right? Put on a stocking cap that is going to help you feel better, get your core temperature warmed up faster. and plus your ears aren’t gonna be cold. Nobody likes that. So that’s tip number two, wear something on your head.

(3) The third tip is going to be, make sure that you’re supplementing, this time of year illness goes up, but also we’re out in the sun a lot less, right? We’re getting a lot less movement in general but we’re also missing things from our environment, cause we’re not outdoors as much. So I would say, make sure that you’re supplementing a huge one. This time of year would be vitamin D if you’re not outside as frequently.


So to recap, three things we’re gonna want to consider when it is colder out, spending some extra time to warm up that is gonna get us better results. Keep us safe, make sure those muscles that may be a little tighter, or cranky because of the cold weather are nice and loose going in. They’re nice and pliable. Second thing. Let’s put something on our head. As we’re warming up, you don’t necessarily need to train with it on, but keeping that heated is just gonna accelerate. It’s gonna warm you up faster. Okay. And you’re not gonna have cold ears. Third thing, supplementation. Pay attention to your vitamin D vitamin C, things like that they are going to keep you healthy. Keep you active because we know consistency is the most important thing for training. Nothing is gonna make you skip a workout faster than being violently ill. So make sure that you’re staying up on your health, through supplementation that will give you good benefits at all, accelerate your fat loss, and muscle building. If you have the right micronutrients in your body. So that is all for today. Hope you found value in this video, if you did give me a thumbs up and if you loved it gimme a heart and as always, stay strong.

-EarthFIT Coach Sam

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