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Squat Series with Jeff Episode 2 | Beaufort Fitness

Nothing beats a squat. Welcome to episode 2 of Jeffrey Squat Series. Today, we’re gonna be doing back squatsI’m sure you’ve seen this rack and I’m sure you’ve done a squat here at the gym before. Well, just gonna go over some basics here, just to show you how important and how awesome back squatting is. Not just back squatting. We’re all squatting in general here. So with back squats, we’re gonna be targeting our entire posterior chain here. It’s gonna start from our lower back all the way down the bottom of our legs, but we’re still hitting our main leg muscles here. Still gonna be hitting our hammies, still gonna be hitting our quads, still gonna be hitting our glutes, calves and hip flexors here as well. Now, starting off, we’re gonna essentially do what we did with our bodyweight squat that we did in the first episode.

So what we’re gonna start off with is feet are gonna be shoulder width apart, you’re gonna drop underneath here. Go ahead and gently have the barbell right here on our back. Your toes are gonna be aligned, straightforward, just like they were with our body weight squat. And we’ll go ahead and stand up here. You’ll take a step back. So that way we’re not hitting our hooks here on our squat rack. And then once again, we’re gonna get our hips back and drop that load down the back of our legs here all the way back up. And we wanna make sure that we’re going all the way down to our 90 degrees here. Gonna have that 90 degree with our legs parallel to the ground and you’re gonna come back up. Now. We’ve got a common few common mistakes here. First one is gonna be that lack of depth, not going down all the way. (please see the video)


We wanna make sure we get a full range of motion with that 90 degrees, butt all the way down to the floor, full range of motion. And then the next one would be maybe our knees caving in a little bit here. We wanna make sure that we’re driving all the way up here instead of having our knees come in to assist, that’s gonna increase the risk of injury and just not gonna be doing it correctly to make sure that we target the correct muscle groups. Now, of course, the last common mistake would be your chest dropping a little bit. It’s gonna be dropping in putting that weight, unnecessary weight on your back as you go down. So you got three different, common mistakes that we can make, but we’re gonna eliminate here. So that way we can include a back squat into our repertoire. 


And I’m sure that you’ve probably seen this set up in the gym already. If you see these set up for our workouts during the days, you can always come over here and maybe do a few different, few different sets before the workout starts. That way we activate our glutes. We activate our leg muscles, because nothing beats the squat and all the benefits that it can do. So once again, y’all, this is our back squat here. This is episode 2 of Jeffrey Squat Series, just make sure that we’re applying our knowledge here into our next workouts and trainings.

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