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Beaufort Fitness: I don’t have time

“Hey everybody! Welcome to today’s Q and A… That’s right. We’re bringing back the question and answer. Very common question I’m getting asked is “Hey Sam! What do I do when I have no time to workout?” or it could be phrased as “I don’t have any time to workout.” So I’m gonna address this in two ways. First way is going to be the mindset around you don’t have time to workout. And if you actually think that, and you’re saying, “Oh, I just don’t have time” or second one is going to be, what do you do if you’re really running short on time? So I’m going to address both of those.

First, the mindset around “I don’t have time”. So everybody is busy. Your life is not going to get less busy. You’re going to have to find time to fit into your schedule, to take care of yourself. 

Think of the airplane analogy. I’m sure you’ve heard you got to put your mask on before you put anybody else’s mask on. You’ve got to help yourself first before you can truly help others. You have to take that mindset when it comes to making time to workout. Sometimes it may feel even a little bit selfish, but what’s actually selfish is being a less than optimal person. So that way you can not provide a hundred percent for whoever it is that you’re trying to take care of. So whether that’s your children, your spouse, whatever it is, if you’re not a hundred percent, you’re not giving them a hundred percent. So shift that mindset and make time, because what you prioritize will grow, and that includes your fitness. So that’s kind of the first thing. 


Now let’s say that you’re just saying, “Ahh, I don’t have time to workout today”. Maybe you workout very consistently or you’re running really short on time. What should you do? Really? You have three options and I’m going to kind of tell you what I would probably recommend, it’s the number one:

Option #1, (1) you could do something very high intensity that requires 10 minutes or less. A common misconception is that you need hours plus to workout – That is not true. You, we do all of our training in person and online designed to be under 30 minutes. So you’re going to get, and they get phenomenal results. So really, if you have about 10 minutes, you could do something high intensity.

However, most of the time I’m gonna recommend the 2nd option, which is (2) mobility. That’s going to be kind of more flexibility, mobility type things. Even if you just wanted to sit in a deep squat for a few minutes, just to kind of open up everything that is better.

Then the 3rd option, which would be (3) doing nothing at all.


And sometimes doing nothing at all is valuable because things can really, if you’re training really hard, it’s going to stress the body. But I do typically recommend the 2nd option. Do some mobility work, a lot of people are lacking in their mobility work. Keep me anything, think of what you’re trying to improve… Maybe it’s your shoulder, look up some mobility exercises for your shoulders. If you need help with those, please reach out and I can direct you or make some videos for you.


All right. That’s all for today on what to do if you do not have time to work out. Just to recap if you’re in the mindset of, “Oh, I don’t have any time, my life is too busy…” You got to change that or your body’s never going to change. Second thing, if you’re just running short on time that day you’re somebody that works out consistently, you can do a high intensity workout. However, I don’t recommend that. You can just take the day off if you really want to, or you can go with the third option. What I recommend do some mobility training, just like 10 /15 minutes that’s all you’ll need. And you’ll be feeling great going into whatever activity you have later that day. That is all for today. Thank you for the Q and A’s, we’re going to keep them rolling as always, stay strong.”

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