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“First of all I want to thank the host for allowing me to spend few minutes to discuss the bio charger.

It’s one of the latest biohacking recovery technology. We are very excited to present to a group like you because you know more than most about recovery and just before we get rolling out of curiosity how many folks in the room have some familiarity with cryotherapy? How about compression therapy? And how about light photon energy or cold laser?

Those are all newer technologies that are finding a place into not only the athletic arena but in just helping people in general health and wellness. We’ll talk about how those compare in a minute.

Really the conversation today starts with cellular voltage. I keep go through probably 10 slides about ATP and TMP and mitochondria and all the things, that form of energy in ourselves but if we just take it 60,000 feet and say what happens if you have optimal energy or optimal voltage within a cell?

So first of all, just some basic 9th grade science water which represents about 60/70 percent of our cells cannot absorbed oxygen without the presence of voltage. So zero voltage is a dead cell. Optimal voltage which is arguably between 60 and 70 millivolts that can be measured on the inside of the cell allows a high concentration of a oxygen to be absorbed. In a nutshell, when you can achieve optimal cellular voltage, two things happen:

It starts a chain reaction. One is better uptake of nutrients so we can eat all the right things but our cells are not absorbing them if they don’t have the right voltage to turn that into ATP.

Second thing that happens which is critical importance of critical importance is detoxification at the cellular level so getting rid of the bad stuff. You put racing fuel in your gas tank but you got sludge in the bottom you aren’t going to have a peaking performance vehicle so if we look a little bit more closely at once you’ve achieve optimum cellular level, you’ve got good uptake and detoxification the next thing that happens is it begins to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is a huge factor in sports and recovery but it’s also the number 1 root cause of the top 10 death causing disease in the US today so it’s a big deal.

Inflammation is a root of a lot of bad stuff happening in the body so to be able to reduce that… and by the way, when you increase ATP production you diminish oxidative stress and free radicals. So if you imagine a seesaw, the more ATP the less oxidation and free radicals, vice versa if you have lower ATP count.

A strengthen immune system is a by product and this is kind of an interesting. It’s one of these things that its hard to quantify and describe but an elevated sense of cognitive ability. There is an absolute impact to your memory, your mental quickness, your attitude when you have achieved optimal cellular voltage.

So those are all good things and then obviously it boosts circulation as well. Now if you look and have reduced less than optimum cellular voltage which most of us have, we’re not at an optimal level. It works in the other direction so it begin to deteriorate – you don’t feel as well, you don’t have energy, you begin to get sick, and you know a death spiral basically.

So if you believe that one of the keys to health at a cellular level is peak voltage, have an optimal voltage then the question becomes how do we get it? How does our body get that voltage? How do we achieve optimal voltage in the cells?

We know what to do with our cell phones. It’s not quite so easy with our cells but there’s an answer and the answer Is that there are these invisible magnetic and or light or other types of energy field so  that are in our presence that are actually what provides that voltage to our cells. And if you look initially at the earth’s resonance/ Schumann’s resonance, we talk about some of the types of subtle energies that there are, we talked about a little bit earlier pulse electromagnetic fields. There’s another a visible light component photonic energy, red light therapy or infrared therapy that’s a subset of the visible light spectrum that we’re representing using the bio charger so you get a more rich broader spectrum of light energy. You have basically frequencies in harmonics which are equivalent to radio waves and then you have high voltage and the combination of those energies transmitted the right way can recharge our cells. So when the right set of frequencies of harmonics are combined with the right types of energy and the right power density, you can affect every cell in the body not just on the outside, frequencies and harmonics enable you to penetrate the entire body.

Why don’t we have optimal energy today without having to have a supplement?

First answer is our modern lifestyles are much different than they were originally when you’d walk around outside for 5 hours a day and bare feet under the sunlight which wherein now if we’re in sunlight we covered up from it. You don’t have crashing waves or negative ions present all the time. You’re not under lightning and lightning storms and you are not rounded to the earth’s natural magnetism so if you want to take and restore vital energy you can go outside and do those things. Go out to nature and it will restore it but most of us don’t have the time in our busy schedules to do that.

The other factors are toxic environment. Obviously, there’s stress but the food that we eat and the water that we drink is not necessarily is as healthy as we like and if you look at just ton of our environment overall – a lot of stress, a lot of other types of a EMF waves and interference that is out there that can throw you out of balance. So the beauty of that is that aside from a naturally provided energy is that we just talked about, there’s technology, technological examples that are helping to restore subtle energy within the body. Some of you may have been familiar with Nikola Tesla. Aside from the car, he was the first person to really identify that you could transmit energy wirelessly and that was way ahead of his time. It’s interesting there’s a story they ask Albert Einstein what was it like to be the smartest guy in the world and he said ask Nikola Tesla. The guy was way ahead of his time. There’s also a gentlemen from originally I think from San Diego – Royal Rife who was at a turn of a century who start curing cancer and so the American Medical Association shut him down using radio waves and frequencies.

So likewise you all probably familiar with Ten’s technology been around for a long time, PEMF we talked about and different forms of light technology. What we envisioned, we being the company advanced bio technologies was to be able to help Jim Gerard who is in the back of the room there and strongly suggests you get a chance to spend a couple minutes with over the next couple days.

He is the original inventor of the BioCharger and spent 25+ years studying Tesla, studying Rife, studying these technologies and I want him tell you more about it but he did a lot of research and a lot of experimentation before we got to the point where we release and introduce the BioCharger.

So what the BioCharger is a way to take the most valuable resource that we have which is our time and compress it into a very short period of time roughly 10 minutes 2-3 times a week and it will replenish and restore your cellular voltage to the optimal levels. We’re producing those 4 types of energies that I mentioned but being controlled by software. The granularity, the repeatability, the accuracy in our ability to specify different frequency… all the parameters that determine where these energy goes and how it’s being used. You know our cells for example all have a different resonance. They all have resonance but no 2 are the same. If you can produce a strong, rich, broad set of harmonics and frequencies that encompasses the full range of the resonance in our cells, you’ve essentially affect that every cell.

So the BioCharger is the most efficient and effective way to help restore that cellular voltage. There’s a few other components that (I won’t go into now but we believe that there’s a lot more once we get started that could be done and so we built out cloud infrastructure and we built out every BioChargers connected via the internet to the cloud so that when there is a new recipe which is an energy frequency program that’s designed for specific indication no matter who develops that, we test it and we put it in the cloud so all customers have access to it. So when Ken is looking for you know something for nerve damage for one of his players and he doesn’t have a recipe for that on his system already he could go to the cloud to a search, find one that works, download it and you’re off running down on that recipe. If one doesn’t exist, we have a team that actually does the research to find  what the relationship is between which your client to solve and the frequencies that are associated with it so this is all science based. We’ve got hundred of systems installed around the world or 14 countries outside the US and we have some marquee customers that we’d love to share with you, couple the top surfers in the world. We have the olympic gold medalist, Erin Cafaro who is a huge advocate. You know, Ken and the Diamondbacks started using it years ago, we’re now at the Braves, and hopefully after this event we’ll have a chance to talk to you more about it how this might be helpful for the teams you are associated with but a good group and more importantly I think if you look at the orientation this system and where it started and who was buying, and bringing in were practitioners. It’s an alternative healing folks that we’re looking for new ways to overcome some of the chronic diseases that we face today. So it’s steeped in a lot of history, the technology took the legacy technology that were available through Rife, Tesla and some of these other geniuses but we also overlay today’s technology to be able to take advantage of it and bring it through fruition.

One of the other things that I’d say is that we’ve got 2 systems here today and we’ll have them through end of day tomorrow. We’re going to set the second system is set up in a room around the corner here so a little quieter and it’s kind of a nice setting so I would encourage and invite any one all of you to try few sessions a day if you can and notice what you feel. Call it subtle energy sometimes it’s not so subtle but it’s a pretty amazing technology. We appreciate having the chance to tell you a little bit about it. We look forward to your feedback and how we can perhaps work together in the future and answer I’d answer any questions that you might have. Alright I guess that does it. Well thanks very much.

There kind of 2 warnings just that are practical one is no pacemakers or insulin pumps or electro mechanical device. You want to start at a 6ft radius and work your way in and the other is folks that have a lot of toxicity in them especially folks with lyme or if people have parasite issues or you know just a toxic body they wanted start very slow so you do 1 session and wait a couple days and  see how you feel because it does absolutely accelerate detoxification. I could tell you we’ve seen, we hear stories every week and a lot of them about and keep you up late or where people got their life back and if you have had opportunity to see some of the things that we’ve seen with bio charger and how it’s affected people’s health that were in a pretty bad shape you know you’d have no question about how it can be effective to help athletes in a recovery.

Cost- $12,000 and there’s a two-year parson waiver warranty. We have full customer service software updates access to the cloud, unlimited access to the recipe library are all part of that…

So first of all we work with a couple great financing companies that concentrate on alternative and Nick Mick is one of them who if you’re chiropractor you probably know who they are their insurance company for chiropractors so it’s great financing most of our customers will charge either something somewhere on the twenty to thirty forty dollars a session or sell a package of sessions or do a monthly fixed fee for it and a PBM example we have a chiropractor up in Charlotte Michigan Dr. Rouler who if anyone knows where that is it’s in the Spitz in Michigan. He started out so look anyone who wants to use a bio charger $50 a month flat fee I[‘m gonna have it available three days a week and I’m gonna have my assistant here and log you come in and he has seven chairs around that around the bio charger and runs one recipe only this first month you get eighty people. He now has four hundred people a month signed up to this step so his ROI you know is like 2 weeks for a paid ad but the reason that that many people in that number is wrong is because the word gets out people get you know it’s all it’s all about results they’re getting the results and you’ll see that too when you’re bringing in a lot of times some when we don’t recommend give away free session so might let somebody have a session but have them by a series of sessions or you know for two weeks they do two or three times a week for 2 weeks they’ll be believers and you won’t have to ask me to come anymore they’ll be asking you.

Thanks very much for your time.”

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