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Squat Series with Jeff Episode 3 | Beaufort Fitness

Nothing beats the squat. Welcome back to these squat series y’all! This is Jeffrey. Your coach here at EarthFIT we’ll be going over another squat variation for y’all today. We got a Kettlebell Squat. I’m sure most of y’all have done these in our trainings. This is where we keep our kettlebells to the side here while we’re doing our squats, and implement these about once a week here. Now, the difference in these, we’re still gonna be hitting this along with our back squats, our entire posterior chain, all those muscles that are gonna be worked when we’re doing our Kettlebell Squats, we’re gonna be doing those glutes, hamstrings, calves, even our quads here on the front side and including our lower back. Now, along with those normal back squats, these benefits include increased mobility, increased stability. We’re gonna have stronger joints, and we’re gonna make sure that our core is even stronger so that way makes us even more stable at the end of the day.

Now for our kettlebell squats here, just gonna line up feet are gonna be about shorter width apart right here in front of our kettlebells. We’re gonna make sure that our chest is up and our back is flat here. So when we go down out and grab those kettlebells, we come up into a power position. Now we’re gonna have our kettlebells by the side. Still gonna have our chest up high here in front of us, gonna have a proud chest. Now the shoulders are gonna be back. When we come down, those shoulders are still gonna stay back here. So that way we can have that weight going back on our hips, drive down through our heels and coming up here. Now there’s a few things that can go wrong here. 

When we’re doing a kettlebell squat. We wanna make sure that those knees aren’t caving in to try to overcompensate ourselves.

I wanna make sure that our back doesn’t start to round as we come up using the appropriate weight can help with that. Make sure that we’re going down correctly here for our squats. Now these Kettlebell squats can give us all of our awesome benefits for our normal squats. We implement these in our ratings. It’s a little bit easier to use a lower weight, and they’re a little bit more stable for you on the sides. So it’s a lot more natural for your body instead of having that weight on our backs. I just wanna thank you all for tuning in again. Y’all wanna look out for another video for our squat series. Thank y’all for tuning in.

-EarthFIT Coach Jeff

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